Riviera Maya Local Weather


February to May

Spring is a beautiful season, with very few rains and everything green. The sea is quiet and warm as the temperature goes higher! Nights are pleasant, and hardly ever you´ll need a sweater…

June to August

Summer in Playa is warm. Usually skies are blue. This is when the sea is quieter and when shows it best blue and turquoise shades…Water is so warm that you can stay in it for hours. There are some rains. During this season there are some electrical storms. Nights are also warm.

September and October

These 2 months are the season of tropical storms and hurricanes. This doesn´t mean that there are hurricanes every year but it does rain a lot and there are winds during this season. Is the period with more rains but is still very warm.

November to January

November, December and January are the coldest months; this means that is much more comfortable. There might be some rains but not every day. Nights can get to be cold (temperature descended until 12ºC) North winds usually find their way to Playa, but remember that the sun is still powerful, this allows you to enjoy the beach during the day…