What is the hardest thing to find in downtown Playa del Carmen?


There is a large inventory of condos for sale in the Riviera Maya but the one item we have clients ask for time and time again are houses for sale in Playa del Carmen. There are very few downtown neighborhoods with houses for sale and even fewer that are within 5 minutes of 5th Avenue.

Why are houses are so in demand?

  • Privacy: Enjoy your own space, with no shared common areas, your private backyard.
  • Noise: No need to worry about neighbors living above or below you, hoping all are silent and respectful.
  • No HOA fees: Low-cost maintenance!
  • Location: To have all of this in the heart of Playa del Carmen is rare.
Imagine having all this in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by trees, a huge green area as a back yard, a park steps from your house, and waking up with birds while being 2 minutes from 5th and 6 minutes from the beach.


Moskito Real Estate has ONE!
This house is located in Quintas del Carmen, a neighborhood nestled in the heart of downtown. On a closed street, between 10th and 20th Avenue, Quintas del Carmen was developed when Playa del Carmen was just a small fishing village. Surrounded by mature trees and tropical vegetation, this neighborhood is one of the most sought after locations for property in Playa del Carmen, it’s rare when properties come up for sale and when they do, they are quickly snatched up by smart investors who know the value of having a house so close to all the action.
houses for sale playa del carmen quintas del carmen
Casa Quintas has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, built over two levels. Entering the home, you have the half bath and the living space. The previous owner remodeled the kitchen to increase the size and also add a storage/laundry room. My favorite part of this house is the private garden with paved patio, an outdoor storage space, and then the fenced in garden. For pet owners, this is perfect, you can open your sliding glass doors and let the dog (or cat) outside to enjoy the sunshine. Behind this private garden, there are common areas of Quintas del Carmen. Add a door to open up the garden space and enjoy the lushness of the jungle.
On the second floor of the house, there are two bedrooms and a full bathroom. Each bedroom has built-in closets, the guest bedroom overlooks the garden, the master has a large private terrace.
This house is ideal for those looking for their vacation home or a full-time residence in Playa del Carmen and prefers not to purchase a car, as this is an easily walkable area. Another big plus is, as it’s a single family home, there are no monthly association fees. You’d have your yearly property taxes, property management fees if you choose to hire a management company to take care of the property if you plan to not be there 100% of the time, and the utilities. If you are looking for an investment property, this is a great option for a long term rental property, more and more people are able to work from anywhere and due to the low cost of living, they are choosing Playa del Carmen as their new home. For a long term rental, 6-12 month lease, the tenants are responsible for paying all utilities, cutting your expenses as an owner down. Stay tuned for another blog about long term rentals in Playa del Carmen.
Casa Quintas is truly a rare find, for those always in search of the ever elusive houses for sale in Playa del Carmen, we’ve got you covered! Listed for $210,000 USD and sold partially furnished, email our real estate experts at sales@moskitopm.com to request more information!

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Tips to selling your vacation home

The time has come for you to list your home in paradise. There are many reasons why someone might be ready to sell, maybe you’ve outgrown your vacation home, with grandkids and more family visiting, you’re looking for a bigger place. Health, financial situations, or you’re ready to visit more places, each seller can have a different reason to sell and a different sense of urgency, but these tips remain the same.

  1. Make any necessary repairs

It’s very important to take care of that to-do list before putting your home on the market. Small repairs like touching up paint, fixing a loose cupboard door, or changing out a faucet are easy and inexpensive to take care of. What most seller’s don’t realize is that potential buyers don’t see these things as an easy fix, instead, it’s one more cost for them, on top of the price of the property. Having to do a bunch of repairs can discourage the buyer from making an offer. A good seller’s agent will do a walkthrough of the property during the listing appointment and suggest any repairs that they feel are necessary.

2. Marketing plan

When you sit down with your agent to discuss the listing of your home, ask them about their marketing plan. In this day and age, technology is heavily utilized by potential buyers, to search for their home. How does your real estate agent plan to market the property? What social media channels do they use? Ask the agent to share with you their social media channels and websites so you can take a look. Does the agent have a good following online? A professional website? Does your agent have a structured marketing plan? These are all important things to discuss when meeting with your potential listing agent.

3. House in showing condition at all times.

Small things like removing magnets from the fridge door, keep bathroom countertops clear of clutter, and making sure the kids’ toy room is cleaned up can help make showings so much better. Everyone has different tastes, and something you love might not be what a potential buyer loves. Tuck away anything that might be considered distasteful to a stranger. A clean and decluttered home shows so much better than a house filled with knick-knacks.

4. The price is right!

There are three things that you must have to sell your home – good showings, good marketing, and the right price! Work your agent to determine the price. We know that you have a connection to your home, that you have put blood, sweat, and tears into the upkeep and you’ve made so many memories living there. BUT – it’s important to emotionally remove yourself from this connection and focus on the cold hard facts. Your agent will provide you with a market analysis and help guide you to pricing the home correctly. If you overprice your home, the right buyer will never see it. And if the house is on the market for a long time, because it’s overpriced, buyers will wonder what is wrong with the property.

5. Choose a knowledgeable and professional agent to list your home.

Steps 1-4 cannot be done without the right listing agent. If you are interested in selling your home, schedule an appointment with Moskito and we can sit down and talk through the process with you. Know the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive listing and the pros and cons of both.

Follow these 5 steps when it comes time to sell your home and list with a knowledgable and professional agency, like Moskito Real Estate.

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Tips for buying a vacation home

So you’ve decided it’s the right time for purchasing a vacation home. There are so many things to consider when making this big decision. A super exciting time in your life, to have your home away from home, a place you can relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and unwind from the stress of day to day life. But where do you even start?! Here are some helpful tips for buying a vacation home in the Riviera Maya.

1. Location, location, location.

The first tip is choosing the location. You’ve decided on the Riviera Maya, congrats, you’ve made a smart choice! Next question – where in the Riviera Maya? There are so many great areas and cities, our top two are, of course, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Why Playa del Carmen?

The cosmopolitan feel of Playa del Carmen might be what first made you fall in love with this city, but just wait, there’s more. Building restrictions have kept most of the developments to 4 stories or less, so you’ve got this small town feel, with the perks of living in a big city. Great shopping, great restaurants, and great nightlife, in a walkable city, and you can find Playa del Carmen real estate for less than $200K just blocks from the beach.

Why Tulum?

Want a little slower pace? Tulum is where it’s at right now. Developed differently than Playa del Carmen, the Tulum real estate offerings are located a little more than a mile from the beach, but still an easy bike ride to get your toes are in the sand. The great thing about Tulum is the relaxed, laid back vibe. But make no mistake, this small town has developed into an extremely hip & trendy area that has extremely luxurious real estate options, fine dining, and boutique shopping. All within minutes from one of the best beaches in the world.

2. Set your budget.

It’s important to come into this big decision with a plan. Know what you can afford and the buying options for foreigners in Mexico. 99% of the deals that happen are cash purchases, the mortgage options for foreign buyers are very few and the interest rates are high. There are ways to secure financing in the US or Canada, some buyers take out 2nd mortgages on their primary homes to use that for capital or use investment funds (IRA, 401K) to purchase their vacation home.

3. Understand the buying process.

From offer to closing, the buying process here runs around 45-60 days. You and your agent write the offer, your agent presents the offer, and the negotiating begins. Once the offer is accepted, all the pertinent documents are sent to your attorney here in the Riviera Maya, to be reviewed and ensured everything is legally in order. At this time, the promissory purchase contract is drafted. All parties sign and the down payment is made. After this, your attorney is working behind the scenes to set up the bank trust or fidiecomiso. Once the bank trust is set up, all the closing docs are collected and bam, it’s time to sign the title! Your final payment is made, keys are handed over, the champagne is popped, and congratulations, you own a vacation home in the Riviera Maya!

4. Have a rental plan

One of the first questions we ask clients when they are looking to buy a vacation home is “how do you plan to use the property?”

Do you plan to rent the property when you aren’t using it? Will you depend on that income to pay the bills? Or is the rental income just the icing on the cake? Right now, there are a lot of options for rental properties in both Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It’s best to go into this purchase with realistic expectations when it comes to rental income. If this purchase is for you and your family, to enjoy retirement and/or vacations in paradise

And number 5 – the MOST important of all the tips we can give you . . .

5. Choose a real estate agent that is professional, knowledgeable and reputable.

We cannot stress this enough. Finding a vacation home without an agent, in a foreign country, whether you speak Spanish or not, can be confusing and risky. You need someone in your corner, to help you every single step of the way. To recommend a good lawyer, to help you understand the process, to negotiate on your behalf, and to make sure you get the best deal. And as the buyer, it doesn’t cost you a peso to hire a real estate agent, commissions are paid by the seller or developer. All of the real estate agents at Moskito are members of the real estate association here – AMPI and NAR – and held to a high standard of professionalism. Moskito has been working in this industry since 2006.

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Safety in Playa del Carmen

5ta avenida playa del carmen mexico

Earlier this month the media in the US, Canada, and I even saw a report from England, reported about a crime that occurred here in Playa del Carmen. The first report had a misleading headline that stated the crime had occurred in a resort, and later that was updated with the correct information, that it occurred in a local neighborhood that is miles from 5th Avenue.

This crime took place in a low-income area of Playa del Carmen, more than 5 miles away from the touristic zone and any residential area that you would probably ever live or invest in. A neighborhood that I have never been to, nor have my colleagues. If you know Playa del Carmen very well, you know it’s a small town, so 5 miles is actually a LONG way away. A couple years ago we had a few occurrences of crimes happening on 5th Avenue, which happens in any touristic city, anywhere in the world.

Immediately I had people messaging me asking if I was ok, if I was safe here, and what was going on. I thought it would be good to write a blog about security and safety here, from the perspective of someone who relocated from the United States.

In 2013 I relocated full-time to Playa del Carmen, I was born and raised in Iowa, spending 32 years in the state, 10 of those in the state capital of Des Moines. The first time I lived anywhere but Iowa was when I moved to Mexico. The neighborhood I live in is local, not a gated community, and I can honestly say that in 6 years, I have never felt unsafe here in Playa del Carmen. Just as I did when I lived in Iowa, I pay attention to where I am, I’m conscious of my surroundings, and I don’t partake in illegal activities.

I’ve read comments in the different Facebook groups from people saying that real estate agents will tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to buy here. The fact is, if I didn’t feel safe in Playa del Carmen, I wouldn’t live here. My coworkers have families that they are raising in here, and if they felt their children were unsafe, they wouldn’t live here. The majority of people who are scared to visit here, are, sadly, people that have never been to Mexico, and base their opinions of this beautiful country solely on what they read in the news.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that there is no crime in Playa del Carmen. This is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and sadly, it’s not all good, law-abiding people that are moving here.

That being said, it’s 2019. We live in a world where crime happens.

My biggest advice I can give you – if you are visiting or living in Playa del Carmen, Des Moines, Tulum, Chicago, New York, Paris, or ANY city in the world is – be smart.

If you have any questions about living in Playa del Carmen full-time, I’m more than happy to talk with you about my experiences.

Find here a video that we recently shared in our social media…


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Ventajas de vivir en una comunidad cerrada

One of the things we love about  Playa del Carmen  , and the list is long, are the different neighborhoods and how easy it is to navigate the city. We all have different tastes, some people seek the vitality of living in the city, the hustle and bustle of  5th Avenue  is what attracted them to  Playa del Carmen  and they can not imagine living anywhere other than the heart of the action . For others, they are looking for green spaces, walking paths and the peace and tranquility of a closed community. Two of the most popular closed communities in Playa del Carmen are  Playacar Phase 1  and  Phase 2  . The ease of access to  Fifth Avenue.and the beach make Playacar a much sought after area, not only for real estate but also for vacation rentals. Playacar Phase 1  was developed at the end of the 70s, property facing the sea with million dollar houses and exclusive hotels. Later, Playacar Phase 2 was developed   , built around an 18-hole golf course, with single-family homes, condominium complexes, commercial areas and a handful of all-inclusive hotels.

If you are in that phase of your life where you are ready for less work and to maintain the exteriors of your home, condominium living is the way to go. Have a pool without having to clean it, do not worry about trimming the hedges or cutting the grass, everything is taken care of.

Here are three of the best options on the market in  Playacar Phase 2  , three  condos for sale with different budgets, locations and styles.

playa del carmen wayak real estate condominium

The Wayak condominium  is listed for $ 130,000, reduced from $ 145,000 USD! A condominium with two bedrooms and two bathrooms is sold furnished, this is an excellent option that will not break the bank. A condominium on the third floor (no elevator), assigned parking, a shared common area with palapa, and Wayak has low monthly maintenance rates. If you are looking for an investment property, Wayak is an excellent choice to receive a return on their investment through  rent  to  long term  (6-12 months). READ MORE

real estate agency playa del carmen playacar rosa blanca

The Rosa Blanca condo  is truly a gem, originally on the $ 239,000 USD list, reduced to $ 229,000 USD, this 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo on the third floor (no elevator) has been meticulously maintained by the owner and updated with new bathroom finishes, kitchen improvements, and new appliances, including an AC inverter unit (to save energy) and a new washing machine. This condo is sold furnished, overlooking the golf course and the building is the closest to the entrance of  Playacar Phase 2  and access to the beach, which makes it ideal for a rental, a vacation home or a residence. full time. READ MORE

Condos for sale in playa del carmen akoya

The Akoya condo  is a ground floor located in the community of Pakal, a neighborhood within Playacar Phase 2. Very spacious and comfortable, this condo offers 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, with more than 1500 square feet! Akoya is on the list for $ 250,000 USD and offers a beautiful common area with pool, business center and gym. The Akoya condo is being sold furnished, with a modern style, with granite countertops, open living room and two large bedrooms. This is a great option if you are looking for a condo to live full time in paradise, due to the large space. READ MORE

Year after year, we have clients who visit us and our properties, with future plans to buy real estate in Playa del Carmen. The popularity of this area in Mexico increases every year and so do the prices. These  condos in  Phase 2 of  Playacar  have a sale price and are excellent options if you are looking for the pace of peaceful life that comes with living in a gated community.

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Moskito Riviera Maya’s annual Posada at Xel-Ha

On December 11th, the Moskito Riviera Maya team – including office staff, housekeeping, and maintenance from both of our offices, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, celebrated Christmas in true Caribbean style. With a day at Xel-Ha, an eco-park located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, that offers snorkeling, jungle adventures, and delicious drinks and food.

The day started with a hearty breakfast, then a jungle bike ride, followed by a thrilling ride down a water slide that stands 98.5 feet (30 meters) high! After that, a relaxing float down the river, under a beautiful canopy of mangrove trees, that opens to an area for snorkeling, cliff diving, zip lining, and other fun activities. The afternoon was spent relaxing in hammocks, taking in the sun, and enjoying the day with great coworkers and friends.

Posadas: A Mexican Christmas party

Christmas parties in Mexican are called “posadas”, which is a traditional celebration that takes place in Mexico and other Latin American countries, from December 16th to December 24th. A posada is a ritual re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a lodging in Bethlehem, but Moskito chose a less traditional party to enjoy the day.

Learn more about posadas here.

A great time was had by all, the Moskito Riviera Maya team wishes you and yours a very Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

¡Feliz Navidad!

playa del carmen real estate team photo xelhaplaya del carmen vacation rentals annual posada photo grouptulum mexico annual posada at xelhalong term rentals playa del carmen posadaplaya del carmen long term rentals moskito riviera maya teamproperty management playa del carmen moskito teamlong term rentals playa del carmen moskito teamplaya del carmen mexico housekeeping teamplaya del carmen vacation rentals housekeeping teamproperty management playa del carmen breakfastproperty management tulum moskito teamreal estate playa del carmen hammocksvacation rentals in playa del carmen breakfast at xelha

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Moskito Riviera Maya doing their part to keep our beaches clean!

On Saturday, December 1st, Moskito Riviera Maya hosted its very first beach cleanup, inviting the Moskito team members, including office staff, maintenance, and housekeeping to participate, as well as other locals and expatriates who call Playa del Carmen their home, to spend the morning beautifying our beaches.
The clean up started on Calle 46 (CTM) and finished at Calle 88. Calle 88 has recently been certified as a “Blue Flag Beach“, a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education. This certification is awarded to a beach that meets certain criteria, including environmental education and information, water quality, environmental management, and safety and services.
Read more about “Blue Flag Beaches” here.
It was a family affair, with many Moskito team members bringing their kiddos to help with the pickup. A great way to teach children the importance of not only throwing our trash in the right place, but also, reducing our consumption of single-use plastic, styrofoam, and other materials that can take years to decompose.
Thankfully, the beach looked pretty darn good and there wasn’t much garbage to pick up. The event ended at Diversity Diving and Que Huevos, two local businesses on 5th Avenue. Diversity Diving provided water and fresh fruit, Que Huevos also had a water stand and coffee, and some participants chose to stay after the event ended for a delicious breakfast.
As a thank you for those who helped, Moskito gave reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles for the kids and a raffle for prizes that included reusable metal straws, bamboo silverware sets, and mesh veggie bags, from Forever Straws Mexico and a free dinner at The Tiny Tiki Hut, a great new restaurant and favorite hangout for many locals and expats!
It was an excellent morning of service, making new friends, making our beach look BEAUTIFUL, and getting our exercise in for the day. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, Moskito promises to have more events like this in the future!
riviera maya real estate beach clean up moskito crewreal estate riviera maya diversityreal estate in playa del carmen beach clean up moskito teamriviera maya real estate volunteersreal estate playa del carmen team workriviera maya real estate beach clean up with kidsplaya del carmen real estate beach clean up moskito familyreal estate riviera maya beach clean upplaya del carmen mexico beach clean upplaya del carmen mexico kids restingreal estate in playa del carmen beach team workreal estate playa del carmen mexico volunteersplaya del carmen real estate beach clean up

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Condos on Calle 38

Last blog we discussed everything we love about Calle 38, this week, let’s add to that list with some incredible options in Playa del Carmen real estate.

*Condo Sun Paradise $235,000 USD

playa del carmen mexico real estate condo sun paradise

Just listed, this is a two bedroom penthouse with HUGE private rooftop. A quaint complex with just 12 condos, it’s nestled on 5 Bis, between 5th and 10th Ave. This condo has a spacious living area, with two bedrooms, the master with en-suite bathroom and direct access to the terrace.

Click HERE for more information

*Condo Hola. $249,000 USD

playa del carmen mexico real estate condo hola

Two bedroom/2 bathroom condo located just steps from 5th Avenue, again on 5 Bis. Condo Hola has been remodeled and refurnished to be the perfect vacation rental. A quaint building, with only 5 units, the condo has a storage room that is perfect for storing bikes, there is secured entry, an assigned parking spot, a small splash pool and a common area rooftop.

Click HERE for more information

*Condo Capri. $250,000 USD

playa del carmen mexico real estate condo capriJust across the street from Condo Hola, you’ll find the Capri building. With entrances on 10th Ave and 5 bis, this building has just 14 units, with secured entry, elevator, underground parking and a lovely swimming pool with a new wood deck surrounding it. Quiet and comfortable, this 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom condo is incredible spacious, almost 1500 square feet! Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, the master bedroom has a walk-in closet that is a clothes lovers dream! More space than you can imagine, it is a must-see!

*Condo Estrella de Mar at Terrazas. $399,000 USD

playa del carmen mexico real estate estrella de mar terrazasJust reduced in price from $420,000 USD, this condo is located in a new building, nestled amongst the trees on Calle 38, two minutes to 5th Ave, two minutes to the beach. Terrazas has underground parking, elevators, a lobby, gym and rooftop swimming pool. This unit is turnkey, sold with some beautiful handmade furniture.

Click HERE for more information

*Penthouse at Via 38 $520,000 USD

playa del carmen mexico real estate ph via 38Via 38 is a stunning complex, with a large swimming pool, underground parking, and lobby. This penthouse has a private elevator that brings you directly into your unit.

All 5 of these properties are fanastic vacation rental options, being so close to the beach, to 5th Avenue, and to the amazing restaurants and shops on Calle 38. For more information – contact the sales team at Moskito – sales@moskitopm.com. We have video tours we’d love to share with you or better yet, make an appointment to visit the properties in person!

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Calle 38

If you have visited Playa del Carmen before and spent time exploring 5th Avenue, we hope you have had a chance to make it to 38th street or Calle 38. This is one of our favorite streets and also one of the best areas for real estate in Playa del Carmen.

What do we love about it? In a word – EVERYTHING! Beautiful large trees line the street, giving you a shaded canopy to walk under from 5th Avenue to the beach. My favorite are the large ceiba trees, with root systems and branches that make you feel like you are in a scene from Avatar.

The restaurants in the area are some of the best and more popular – La Cueva del Chango, “The cave of the monkey”, is a fantastic spot for breakfast, Piola, is great Italian food, try the basil margarita if you get the chance and on the corner of 5th Avenue, Las Hijas de la Tostada, offering delicious seafood tostadas. There are shops offering beautiful art, hammocks and souveneirs to bring home from your trip.

The best areas for real estate in Playa del Carmen.

If you are looking for properties in centro, close to 5th Ave and the beach, we’ve got you covered on Calle 38, with 5 great listings ranging from $235,000 USD to $520,000 USD. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will talk in detail about the amazing condos for sale in this neighborhood!

calle 38 the best place for playa del carmen real estate

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Casa Club Real

Moskito Real Estate is happy to share with you more information on our properties here in the Riviera Maya to give you more detailed information about listings, neighborhoods and all the reasons to invest in Playa del Carmen real estate and Tulum real estate.

A great opportunity to share with you, Casa Club Real is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom two story home in Playacar Phase 2, part of the Club Real neighborhood, reduced in price from $349,000 to $325,000 USD.

For those who aren’t familiar with Playacar Phase 2, this gated golf course community is located at the southern end of Playa del Carmen. Playacar Phase 2 has three entrances – two on the highway and one at 10th Avenue, each with 24/7 security. Playacar Phase 2 is a peaceful community, with access to one of the best beaches in Playa del Carmen and new commercial areas. This is the ideal place for someone looking to buy in a quiet area but still have easy access to 5th Avenue, restaurants, and shops. Great for families, retirees or young couples starting out.

Casa Club Real has an open layout and was recently repainted inside and out. The house has a large ground floor living space with two family rooms and a dining room. Lots of windows give you great light throughout and there is one bedroom and full bathroom on the ground floor. This is nice for people who prefer not to have to maneuver the stairs every day. There is a fenced in backyard with patio, a pet owners dream, and a laundry room/storage area. Heading to the second floor there are two more bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms.

This is a single family home with all the perks of living in a condo complex – you have two shared common area swimming pools, tennis courts and an incredible jungle path to get to everything from your backyard. You are a short 5 minute drive, 15 minute bike ride from the beach at the Reef Resort.

Low maintenance fees and taxes, Casa Club Real is listed at $325,000 USD, one of the lowest priced houses for sale in Playa del Carmen and Club Real.

playa del carmen real estate casa club real collage

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